***Dear students our Yoga school is currently closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic & we will inform you when we have the permission from the Australian Department of Health to re open again


Welcome to our relaxing and transformational wellbeing courses, taught by passionate and experienced teachers.

Our weekly classes are carefully planned out to suit the needs of our students and ensure consistent development. Students are welcomed to start anytime with us!

Term 2 2020 Timetable


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Young At Heart – Over 50’s

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Booking Information

Term 1 2020 starts on Tuesday 28th January 2020, and is 9 weeks in duration. The fee is $162 and students can start at any time during the term and simply pay for the remaining classes.

We offer:

* Trial classes – $18
* 5 class pass (valid only during the term purchased) – $100
* 9 week full term booking – $198


Our Teachers

Alythaa Kamille


– Tibetan Heart Yoga 2009-2011
– Australian Yoga Acadamy – Advanced Diploma of Yoga teaching 2012-2013
– One Heart Yoga – Prenatal yoga teacher training 2013
– Ihana Yoga- Post Graduate Teacher training 2015

Aly teaches General Hatha & Pregnancy Yoga

Renee Willner

– Byron Bay Yoga school Teacher training
– Yoga Teacher for 8 years
– Yoga of Birth Training (2011)

Renee’s long interest in how the mind, body & spirit interact found its perfect expression in yoga, which she has practiced for 15 years. As a teacher, she takes a holistic and fun approach that allows individuals to find what they need in the practice in a safe, supportive & fun environment.
Following the birth of her daughter, Renee sought a holistic approach to exercise that integrated all her passions – healing, nature, embodiment, spirituality, music, empowerment & authentic expression – naturally she fell in love with yoga! Renee offers a range of classes, massage therapy and performs regularly with her electro-funk band ‘Mr Manifold and the Resolution’.

Barbara Scarpino

Barbara Scarpino is a Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher.  Within the last five years she has run her own Meditation in Motion program for preschool children in various Child Care Centres.  This program has also been taught in Primary and Secondary schools and more recently with Adults.

Through Yoga and Meditation, she intends to awaken the way people think so they can reach the art of self-healing.

Hanna Stephenson

Hanna smaller

– Graduated from The Academy of Yoga Science (including Meditation, Shatkarma and Yoga Nidra & Vinyasa Flow accreditation through Yoga Trinity)
– Tai Chi/Qi Gong Instructor (qualification through Rising Moon Tai Chi)
– Level 2 Certified Reiki Practitioner

Hanna likes to identify herself as a healer & seeker, inspired by Truth and Compassion.
She is interested in holding space for others to come to know, love, and deeply accept themselves at a core level through body-mind-soul practices and hands on/energetic healing; allowing them to connect to their essential essence, which is Love.

Katie de Araujo


– Adv Diploma, Yoga Teaching (2007)
– Grad Diploma, Yoga Therapy (2009)
– Professional Member of Yoga Australia

Katie offers simple techniques to relieve tension and to become aligned and centred, offering a way to work with your mind and emotions based on the body as a means to moderate thought and feeling. Katie believes that their is a great wealth of material to study, and it is beyond fascinating. Katie has been teaching Yoga & Meditation for 10 years. She specialises in inspiring people to integrate the principles of meditation, Chi Gung & Yoga into their daily lives.

Cadia Belante


– Hatha & Yoga Nidra teacher training with Ojashvi Yoga
– Cadia teaches General Hatha Yoga, Broga & Prenatal Yoga.

Cadia’s yoga journey began in 2011, and it has been a part of her life ever since. Discovering a great sense of peace through the practice carried over from the mat into her daily life. After completing her Hatha yoga & Yoga Nidra teacher training with Ojashvi Yoga Shala in India, she began to feel a deep desire to share her passion of yoga with others. Cadia acknowledges that we are all unique individuals, therefore through her teachings she encourages and assists students to create a practice tailored to their body and needs. Cadia believes that the mind, body and soul connection is a scared one and should be nurtured.


How does it work?
You simply pick the most suitable class, day and time for you. Once selected, enrol by clicking the ‘Book Now’ button and follow the prompts. Your selected class becomes your weekly class for the duration of the term.

Booking, Transfer & Refund policy
Yoga courses are to be paid upon booking to secure your class time, day and room. We cannot transfer paid fees to the following term, unless you provide a medical certificate from your doctor indicating that you can no longer attend our classes. In the case of term transfer, the centre will allow students to do so for a maximum of 6 months for the day of transfer request. Students are able to nominate another person to complete the course if they are not able to attend. A refund can be organised for any reason, however a booking fee of $50 will be withheld, minus the classes that have been attend as the position has been reserved for you. To avoid losing the $50 booking fee, students can ask to have it credited to them, which can be used for purchasing of any products, Remedial Massages or Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. Please note these policies are to ensure fairness for all students.

How long are yoga classes?
All classes run for 60 mins, but sometimes tend to run overtime by up to 10 mins.

How much does it cost and are rebates available?
Classes are $18 per session, paid per term upfront. Health Rebates are certainly available with some private health insurance companies. It is best to check with your insurer if yoga is covered and how much you get back, as they all vary.

What if I miss a class?
You are entitled to catch up 2 missed classes per term, within the term enrolled. They cannot be carried over into another term.

Can I do 2 classes per week?
Of course! With the 2nd course, you will receive one free class to be used within the term.

What do I wear?
Comfortable clothing that you can move freely in, such as tights, singlet, shorts, t-shirt. All classes are done in bare feet, so good personal hygiene is essential

What do I bring?
All equipment and mats are provided, so you don’t need to bring anything. If you have your own mat and/or eye pillow you are welcome to it bring along. A water fountain is available here at the centre.

How many students are there in a class?
We have a maximum of 14 students per class. This ensures quality tuition.

What if I have an injury?
Injured students are very welcome, provided that your doctor has agreed yoga will be beneficial. Please notify your teacher before the class.

What if I am really inflexible?
Perfect! That’s the most ideal reason to start your yoga journey. Yoga will help supple up the body. We start slow and progress the body from there. If you feel uncomfortable in any pose your teacher can vary it and give your other options.

What If I fall pregnant mid-term?
If you are already a yoga student, and just discover that you are expecting, we ask that you continue your yoga home practice, & that you put your classes on hold until 12 weeks gestation. This is because many women suffer nausea around 8 – 12 weeks. After 12 weeks gestation you then transfer to a specific Prenatal Class.

How long can I practice prenatal yoga?
Most women begin around 12 weeks & go right through to 39/40 weeks of pregnancy. The general rule is that if it still feels good to practice, then there is no reason to stop. Yoga releases all those wonderful, “feel good” hormones called endorphins. They help keep you relaxed, supple & deeply connected to your baby & body.

What happens when the term finishes?
Once the term has finished then it is advisable that you continue onto the next term.

Can I attend casually?
As we have limited spaces in each class, unfortunately we cannot accommodate casual attendance. We also follow class plans and work with a curriculum each term, so we prefer to take students on a learning journey. By seeing the same students weekly it allows us to monitor injuries and progression. Being a yoga practitioner requires diligent, consistent practice (abhyasa). This ensures you gain the maximum benefits of yoga at the mind, body and soul levels.

The only exception is that prenatal yoga students can “pay as you go”!

Click here to find out if your Private Health Fund can rebate your yoga classes.

Mums & Bubs Yoga







Fri 11:30am with Renee Willner

Term 1, 2020 (Starts Friday 7th Feb):

This class is suitable for mothers and their pre-crawling babes in arms. Renee aims to offer support and empower women to take on the rich challenge of birth and motherhood with awareness and strength. After the birth of a new baby it can often feel very difficult for a mother to begin to connect with the outside world again. These classes are for this time and will gently ease new mothers back into yoga and help them connect with other mums in the area. A gentle, interactive yoga practice which will incorporate safe and relevant postnatal practices including overall strengthening and stretching, abdominal toning, pelvic floor work and baby massage. Build strength, relax, stretch and have some fun!

— FAQ —

When can I start yoga after birth?

You are welcome to join the class once you have had your final check with your doctor – this is usually from 6 weeks onward post-birth or, after a cesarean birth, about 12 weeks after birth.

What if there are complications from my birth?

If you have complications from your birthing experience (such as prolapsed pelvic organs or ongoing pelvic girdle pain or rectos abdominal diastasis) please let Renee know prior to the class for extra support.

What should I bring?

Please leave your pram in the car as there is limited pram parking. You are welcome to use a sling during the class if your baby is sleeping or comfy this way. Bring a familiar blanket for your baby to lie on and a couple of favourite toys.

What if my baby cries during the class?

Not a problem. We’re all mums (including Renee), and we know what it’s like when your children don’t behave exactly as you might like them to! Some babies are fascinated with what is going on, some enjoy joining in, some “chat” enthusiastically, some even go to sleep. And yes, some occasionally grizzle or cry a bit. You can always pick them up, feed them, cuddle them or do whatever you need to do to settle them. But you might be surprised how relaxed the babies are in class and how much they enjoy it. Whatever happens, it’s all part of the fun!

What if we’ve had a terrible night and we’re both exhausted?

Sometimes these are the days when you need yoga the most! You are always welcome to go at your pace, take time out with your baby and do the practice in a way that suits you.

What if I haven’t done much yoga before?

This is fine, all levels of yoga experience are catered for. Renee gives plenty of options so you can adapt it to whatever is comfortable for you.

So why should I come, again?

In the words of two of Renee’s past students:

“Because it’s fabulous! It’s a very relaxed and supportive atmosphere, and it’s really lovely to have the time not only to do something for yourself, but also to connect with your baby and chat with other new mums. We love the classes and have found they have really helped us enjoy the tough weeks as well as the good ones.” Amanda Dunn and Sally Haydon

Prenatal Yoga

  • Thursdays 6.15pm with Aly Kamille



Term 1, 2020:

This course is ideal for expecting mothers who are seeking holistic support and preparation for the most important stage in their life – MOTHERHOOD. Our friendly and experienced Prenatal Yoga teachers can journey and guide you all the way to the birth of your baby.

Prenatal Yoga allows you to transit into Motherhood in a confident and self assuring way. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your intuitive, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. It also provides precious time for you to bond with your growing baby and connect with the miraculous changes occurring within you, as each week goes by. The Pranayama (breathing) practice learnt is very useful in reducing pain and keeping the mother and baby calm during the stages of labour.

To ensure that your tuition is safe, enjoyable and of high standards, our class sizes have been restricted to a maximum of 14 students. This enables teachers to monitor, adjust and assist our students to achieve their objectives for studying pre natal yoga with us. Our exciting Yoga courses are designed to nurture students from 12 weeks to birth.

“A mother needs to firstly love and nurture herself before she can love her child”

Young at Heart – Over 50′








Wed 10am & 11.15am with

Aly Kamille

Term 1, 2020:

This course is suitable for senior students who are seeking increased energy, flexibility, strength , coordination and inner peace. The classes begins with the relaxation practice to center mind and  prepares the student for the class. Gentle yoga postures and breathing techniques are then taught to develop the students. The classes conclude with guided meditation to create a relaxing  and restorative experience.  No experience of yoga is required to join this course.

Morning Yoga with Katie de Araujo “The Foundational Sequence”: 7 week course

  • Wednesdays and/or Fridays
  • 6am – 7am with Katie de Araujo





“The early morning is the most advantageous time to practice yoga so that rapid transformations of the body and the mind can take place.”

Learn by heart a beautifully balanced set-sequence of 40 minutes.

Plus, you will be given hands-on individual tuition and adjustments for each pose so you can unlock the true potential of the pose, freeing the body, emotions and mental tensions.

You will learn:
– how to manage the breath through difficult sequences
– how to be still and without mind, with empty mind
– how to open the heart and let joy into your life

The full range of yogic practices will be incorporated into these focused individual tuition classes: mantra, mudra, yantra, shatkarma, pranayama, meditation and savasana.
And by the end you will know what each of those words mean!

Be there to transform your inner life so that your outer world glows!

What a great way to start 2020.

Meditation & Restorative Yoga

  • Tuesdays 6.15pm with Renee Willner
  • Wednesdays 7.30pm with Cadia Belante



Term 1, 2020:

Taking time out to relax, renew and ‘be still’  is essential to wellness and balance in our busy lives and minds!

Suitable for everybody, this meditative class will ease the stresses of the day away and is a wonderful remedy for anxiety, low mood & insomnia.

To begin the class; let go of your day, replenish and reconnect with your body with a few deeply relaxing and supported yoga postures where the only effort required is to ‘surrender’.

Restorative Yoga allows us to ‘drop in’ and soften the body, settle the nervous system, breathe efficiently and create space- priming you for meditation.

The second half of the class will see us explore a range of meditation techniques: reclined, seated, guided and silent.

Including: Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Mantra, Chakra Sadhana and Satsang (sharing circle).

  • Come along 15 minutes before class to enjoy a complimentary warming tea ritual before class!

Hatha Wellbeing (No Experience Required)

  • Mon 6.30pm & 7.45pm with Katie de Araujo
  • Tues  9.30am with Cadia Belante   &  7.30pm with Renee Willner
  • Wed  6.15pm with Cadia Belante
  • Thur  10am with Cadia Belante   & 7.30pm with Aly Kamille
  • Sat 9am with Katie de Araujo   &   10.15am with Barbara Scarpino



Term 1, 2020:

This course is ideal for those new, returning or seeking a more gentle practice. New students will find themselves in a class that moves slowly and mindfully where facilitators take the time to offer detailed alignment cues and can offer modifications as needed. Slow, flowing sequences and gently held  postures allow space for a powerful enrichment of connection between body, mind and breath. The focus is on finding and maintaining space within the body rather than specific strength and mobility improvement goals. Students will be encouraged to foster an enjoyment of inhabiting their own bodies. Each class will include a period of led relaxation & meditation to support students to learn techniques for managing stress in daily life.

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