Creating Healthy Self Esteem: The Essence of a Happier Woman

2 day Workshop with Debbie Castellano

Saturday 20th July 12pm – 5pm  &  Sunday 21st July 10am – 5pm

$280 per person  |  Groups of 2-3: $252 per person  |  6 people: $238 per person

The Lotus healing Centre invites you to join Debbie in this transformational 2 day workshop that will help you THRIVE in all areas of your life.

As a passionate speaker and 20 years of holistic counselling & energy healing experience, Debbie will impart with you her transformational wisdom, sound healing and guided meditation that will assist you to create a healthy self esteem by:

  • understanding, loving and believing in yourself
  • letting go of confusion, fears, anxiety & self-doubt
  • releasing pain, burden, anger & frustration
  • unlocking the hidden desire that burns within you.

Debbie Castellano’s Professional Profile:

  • Certificate in Metaphysical Studies
  • Associate Diploma of Holistic and Spiritual Studies
  • Integrated Self Empowerment Therapist
  • Sounds from Source Vibration Sound Therapy
  • Advanced Usui Reiki – Master Level
  • Energetic Balance and Harmony


School Holidays Workshop:  Teens Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation

Wednesday 3rd July  &  Wednesday 10th July  1pm – 2pm

Inspiring Teens to reach “the best version of themselves” by understanding how practicing Yoga along with mindful Meditation, can positively influence our lives on a physical psychological and spiritual level..

Focusing on the breath to instill clarity of mind lays the foundation to manage stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Intended Outcomes:

Build a strong foundation of practical elements that teenagers can use safely and confidently to support their emotional and physical development as they transition from teenagers into adulthood.

Teaching Strategies:

Breathing techniques – derived from ancestral teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga

Movement – Yoga to strengthen body through stretches

Relaxation – deep relaxation techniques for mind body spirit

Sound – streaming soft background music to encourage focus; Tibetan singing bowl to quieten the mind

Affirmations – positive words to encourage and empower respect for self and others

Mandalas/Labyrinth – reference to “me” of the now and transitioning to adulthood

Elements – reference to nature of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Space and how these elements can assist our well being.

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