Creating Healthy Self-Esteem: The Essence of a Happier Woman

with Debbie Castellano

Saturday 8th June 1:30pm  –  5:30pm   &  Sunday 9th June 10am  –  5pm

You are warmly welcome to join our amazing Transformational Healer & Coach Debbie Castellano in her 2 day interactive & life-changing workshop.

Drawing from her 20 years of clinical experience, Debbie will assist you to define what is a healthy self esteem, why is it so important & how to develop it.

Debbie will assist you to discover:

  • how to understand, love & believe in yourself
  • how to let go of confusion, fear, anxiety & self-doubt
  • how to release pain, burden, anger & frustration
  • your life purpose & unlock the hidden desire that burns within you.

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