Holisitic Healing Philosophy


Welcome to The Lotus Healing Centre !

Our centre embraces a holistic approach to healing and wellbeing programs. Our practitioner Dr Martin Nguyen TCM offers personalised programs that De Stresses, Detoxes, Balances and Energises the Qi ( life force), Mind, Body and Soul. He views that suffering , pain or disease is caused by imbalances of specific systems caused by trauma, deficiencies or excess states. It can also be carried over from pass lives and entities.

Healing from various conditions will take time, dedication, support, the right healing modality, mind set and lifestyle changes.

Dr Martin Nguyen TCM warmly welcomes patients who are under the care of any Medical or allied or natural health practitioners as in some cases a multi modality approach is required .

May your Holistic healing journey with us be filled with self discovery, positive transformation and self love.

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