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Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression

Trauma, Grief & Loss

Negative Energy & Aura Cleansing

Relationship Counselling

Healing Modalities

Our Therapist

Dr. Martin Nguyen (Acupuncturist)

Dr. Martin Nguyen’s Profile

  • Certificate of Hynotherapy, NLP & Time Line Therapy (2005)
  • Bachelor of Health Science Traditional Chinese Medicine (VU, 1997)
  • Advance Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (VU,1998)
  • Certificate of Eastern & Western Massage Therapy (VU, 1993)
  • Certificate of RBTI analysis (2016)
  • APHRA registered Acupuncturist: no CMR0001739500

Dr Martin Nguyen’s  Hours

  • Tues: 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Wed: 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Thur: 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Sat: 9:00am – 3:00pm


Healing Modalities with Dr. Martin Nguyen (TCM)

  • Holistic Counselling
  • Mind Mapping
  • Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Time Line Therapy
  • Emotional & Rational Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Sound Healing
  • Trauma Release Exercises(TRE)
  • Muscle Testing
  • Body Pulsing & Freedom Meditation
  • General, Laser Acupuncture, Herbal & Nutritional Medicine (with Dr Martin Nguyen)



Debbi Castellano’s  Profile

  • Diploma of Counselling – Diversity Geelong 2015
  • Diploma of Family Intake and Support Work – Diversity Geelong 2015
  • Certificate in Metaphysical Studies- 2001
  • Associate Diploma of Holistic and Spiritual Studies- 2003
  • Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy 2003
  • Sounds from Source Vibrational Sound Therapy-2007
  • Advanced Usui Reiki, Master Level-2007
  • The Perfect Body for You -2008
  • Energetic Balance and Harmony-2008,
  • Access the Bars 2010 Access Consciousness



Debbie’s Hours 

  • Wed: 10:00am – 8:15pm
  • Thurs: 9:00am -1.30pm
  • Sat: 9.00am – 3:00pm

Stress , Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression

Within a safe & confidential environment our therapists can help resolve these debilitating conditions and assist you in living a peaceful & fulfilling life. Our holistic programs are personally tailored to:
* Release mind-body tension

* Gain clarity & inner peace

* Reconnect with your body

* Balance your nervous system

This program is suitable for all & no referral is required. We can also complement other medical or therapeutic programs.


Trauma, Grief & Loss

This holistic program assist patients to recover to deep seated trauma at the Physical, Mental & Emotional Levels.

It is effective for those finding it difficult to heal from:

* Grief & Loss

* Physical & Emotional Abuse

* Abandonment

* Relationship break ups

* Social Bullying & Abuse

* Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome




Program format: Suitable for all ages. No referrals required.

This program can also complement other medical or therapeutic programs.

Negative Energy & Aura Cleansing

This program is suitable for those suffering from:

  1. Confusion & Fatigue
  2. Sleep difficulties & deprivation
  3. Lack of concentration & Brain fog
  4. Unsure of what to do

Our healers draw upon various energetic modalities such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation & connecting with spiritual guides to :

* Release negative  thoughts, patterns & behaviors
* Release toxic & traumatic energy
* Create positive energy flow & well being


Relationship Counselling & Enrichment

This program assists couples or people to have fulfilling, harmonious & enjoyable relationships. Your coach helps you to identify & understand the primary causes of your relationship strengths,weakness and then together a mindful & behavioural strategy is arranged for you to practice.

This program is suitable for those having troubles with:

  • Honest communications
  • Anger- Emotional Management
  • Goal setting
  • Trust & Loyalty setbacks
  • Breaks & break ups
  • Conflict resolution
  • Financial stress
  • Long term relationship challenges
  • Mixed families challenges
  • Over coming trauma & loss

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