with Dr Martin Nguyen, BaSc TCM

(24 years of clinical experience)

Muscular & Skeletal:

Natural Pain Management

Foot Orthotics

Health Programs:

Natural Dermatology

Optimal Women’s Health

Digestive Restoration Care & Detox

Mindfulness Based Weight Loss

Quit Smoking, Alcohol & Marijuana

Hay Fever, Asthma & Allergy Care

Cold & Flu, Coughs, Glandular Fever & Chronic Infections

Natural Fertility Care & IVF Acupuncture

Morning Sickness Relief

Labour Induction & Turning Breached Babies


TCM Assessment & Treatment

To achieve optimal results, every consultation commences with a thorough TCM assessment, which enables Dr Martin to determine the:
– Root cause of the presenting medical condition
– Patterns of disharmony
– Energy blockages through out the body, emotions & mind
– Sevrity of the condition

Dr. Nguyen employs the follow Traditional Chinese Medical assessment techniques:

  • Pulse & Tongue Reading
  • Eye Irridology Assessment
  • Meridian & Acupuncture point palpation
  • Organ functional, meals, history & lifestyle questioning

Dr. Martin Nguyen’s Profile

  • Certificate of Eastern & Western Massage Therapy (VU, 1993)
  • Certificate of Personal Fitness (VICNation, 1994)
  • Certificate of Rehabilitation (Fitnation, 1995)
  • Bachelor of Health Science Traditional Chinese Medicine (VU, 1997)
  • Advance Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (VU,1998)
  • Certificate of Lower Limb Orthotics, (ICB, 2004)
  • Certificate of Hynotherapy, NLP & Time Line Therapy (2005)
  • Certificate of RBTI analysis (2016)
  • APHRA registered Acupuncturist: no CMR0001739500

Healing Modalities

Dr Nguyen integrates the following modalities to achieve optimal results:

    • General / Laser Acupuncture
    • Cupping & Guasha
    • Herbal & Nutritional Medicine
    • R.O.P.E Dietetics
    • Lifestyle coaching


Consultation Hours
Mon: 2:15pm-8:15pm
Tues: 10.45am-8:15pm
Wed: 9.30am-1:15pm
Thur: 9.30am-3:00pm
Fri: 9.30am-3:00pm
Sat: 9.00am – 3pm

Natural Pain Management

This program is suitable for those suffering from:


          • Headache &Migraines
          • Facial, eye & jaw pain
          • Teeth grinding

Neck & Shoulders

          • Whip lash
          • Vertebral disc bulge
          • Dislocated shoulder
          • Rotator cuff injury
          • Frozen shoulder

Elbow, Wrist & Hand

          • Tennis or Golfer’s elbow
          • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Back & Pelvis

          • Lumbar pain
          • Osteitis pubis
          • Sciatica pain
          • Scoliosis pain

Knee, Ankle & Feet

          • Patella tendonitis
          • Medial & Lateral tendon damage
          • Plantar fasciitis
          • Heel pain
          • Achilles heel
          • Bunions
          • Metralgia
          • Arthritis; Rheumatoid & Osteo
          • Muscle & Tendon strain
          • Tendonitis, Bursitis
          • Post operative rehabilitation
          • Neuralgia (nerve pain)

Natural Dermatology

This program is suitable for those suffering from:

          • Acne
          • Acne Rosea
          • Blackheads
          • Psoriasis & Eczema
          • Chronic Dandruff
          • Shingles

Digestive Restoration Care & Detox

This program focuses on repairing, balancing and healing the digestive system by integrating Acupuncture, Herbal & Nutritional medicine, Bach Flower Remedies, R.O.P.E Dietetics & Freedom Meditation.

This program is suitable for those suffering from:

          • Chron’s Disease
          • Ulcerative Colitis Disease
          • Heartburn or Gastric Reflux
          • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
          • Stress-related Constipation or Diarrhoea
          • Food Intolerances or Allergies
          • Fatty, sluggish & Cirrhosis of the Liver
          • Type 2 Diabetes (non-insulin dependant)
          • Gall Bladder dysfunction & stones
          • High cholesterol
          • Fatigue & general poor health
          • Toxic exposure
          • Candida
          • Parasite infection
          • Mouth ulcers

Mindfulness Based Weight Loss

This program is suitable for those who need mindfulness guidance to loose excessive body fat & build lean muscle mass.

We integrate Acupuncture, Herbal & Nutritional medicine, Bach Flower Remedies, N.L.P, Hypnosis, My Mindfulness, R.O.P.E Dietetics, Freedom Meditation, Cardio & Resistance exercises to energise and balance your mind & body.

Our therapists will teach you how to:

          • prepare healthy & nutritious plant-based meals,
          • time & activity management
          • goal setting skills
          • develop a positive mindset & self esteem
          • use natural remedies to become strong & balanced

Quit Smoking, Alohol & Marijuana

This program is suitable for those wanting to quit smoking, alcohol & marijuana and feel stronger, cleaner and healthier.

Each treatments integrates acupuncture & hypnosis to break the toxic addictive or habitual cycles.

Herbal medicine and Nutritional Medicine can also be prescribed to assist in the detoxification process and thus help the senses to withdraw from the strong cravings, create a bad and repulsing taste towards the harsh chemicals.

*** To achieve optimal results with this program, we recommend patients receive treatments every second day for two weeks . Ie Mon , Wed & Fri or Tues, Thursday & Sat

** Private Health Insurance Rebates are available for each treatment

Hay fever, Asthma & Allergy Care

This program is suitable for those suffering from:

          • Reoccurring ear & eye infections
          • Respiratory difficulties (Wheezing, blocked air ways)
          • Hay fever
          • Asthma
          • Bronchitis, laryngitis or sinusitis
          • Glue ear
          • Psoriasis & Excema

Cold & Flu, Coughs, Glandular Fever & Chronic Infections

This program is suitable for:

          • Reoccurring Colds & Flu infection
          • Glandular fever & Chronic Fatigue
          • Persistent cough & Phlegm production
          • Allergy to: food, animals, pollen, dust
          • Chronic cold sores
          • Shingle infection
          • Auto Immune Diseases

Natural Fertility Care & IVF Acupuncture

This program is suitable for those wanting to fall pregnant naturally or with IVF and can help with:


          • Low sperm count
          • Weak sperm motility
          • Fatigue
          • Toxicity
          • Stress, Anxiety & Depression


          • Recurring miscarriages
          • Gestational diabetes
          • Gestational hypertension
          • IVF Acupuncture
          • Irregular or absent ovulation or Menstruation
          • Hormone Imbalance
          • Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Morning Sickness Relief

This program is suitable for mothers suffering from:

          • Morning sickness & Gastric Reflux
          • Fatigue & Insomnia
          • Emotional upset

Labour Induction & Turning Breached Babies

This program is suitable for pregnant mothers needing help with:

          • Turning breached babies
          • Reducing Labor Fear & Anxiety
          • Inducing Late pregnancy
          • Preparation for Labor

Optimal Women’s Health

This program is suitable for women suffering from :

          • Endometriosis
          • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
          • Menopausal Hot Flushes

Hormonal related symptoms:

        • Emotional & mood swings
        • Acne & oily skin
        • Monthly headaches or migraines
        • Binge eating & weight gain
        • Constipation or diarrhea
        • Menstrual irregularities, absence, pain & heavy menstrual bleeding
        • Thyroid dysfunction
        • Low Libido

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