Deep Relaxation & Hot Stone Massage

This enjoyable & relaxing treatment uses  therapeutic heat from  stones placed on key points on the body,

as well as being used to massage, which helps bring about a state of deep relaxation both physically & mentally!

This treatment allows muscle tension to be released, increases blood flow, helps relieve pain,

stress and anxiety all the while improving the flow of energy allowing healing to occur.

Suitable for those suffering from :-

  • stress
  •  anxiety
  • muscle tension
  • mental and physical fatigue
    • Deep Relaxation & Cupping Massage

      This ancient therapy, used  in conjunction with massage helps improve blood flow promoting cell repair.

      Cupping Therapy benefits include:-

      • relieves muscle soreness & tension
      • increases blood circulation
      • reduces inflammation

      Abdominal Vagus Nerve  Relaxation & Rejuvenation Massage

      This soothing massage treatment is suitable for those suffering from Anxiety, Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

      Our caring therapist start this treatment with a short consultation to understand how your stress, anxiety or PTSD is effecting your body and mind. They will then proceed to gently massage your face, neck and abdominal areas to release tension and allow you to enjoy the process of relaxation.
      The relaxation response of the central nervous system resides in the belly or gut. When soothing massage is performed over the abdomen the vagus nerve that travels from the brain down into the belly as well as from the belly to the brain cueing relaxation, safety and a pleasant experience.
      The inner arms and legs may also be massaged to release further build up of stress and anxiety.

      Deep Relaxation & Rejuvenation Massage

    • Rest your mind, relax your body and revive your Spirit with a deep relaxation & rejuvenation massage.

      Allow yourself to be taken into a deep state of relaxation, unwind with a meditative healing treatment designed to alleviate stress to rejuvenate and energise your soul.

    •   reduces mental and physical fatigue
    •   helps relieve pain
    •   alleviates stress, anxiety & depression
    •   promotes sleep
    •   improves circulation
    •   re-energises your body whilst enhancing mental tranquillity