Pregnancy Yoga

Term 1 2018 starts Mon 28th Jan, 9 week course -$162                                                                                Each class is of 60mins duration. Students can join any week during our course & can book a trial class $18 before committing to the course. Mothers  are welcomed to start at 12 weeks of their pregnancy.

Welcome to our Pre Natal yoga course.

This course is ideal for expecting mothers who are seeking holistic support and preparation for the most important stage in their life – MOTHERHOOD. Our friendly and experienced Pre-Natal Yoga teachers can journey and guide you all the way to the birth of your baby.

Pre-Natal Yoga allows you to transit into Motherhood in a confident and self assuring way. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your intuitive, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. It also provides precious time for you to bond with your growing baby and connect with the miraculous changes occuring within you, as each week goes by. The Pranayama (breathing) practice learnt is very useful in reducing pain and keeping the mother and baby calm during the stages of labour.

Our friendly teachers are experienced and have many years of teaching Pre Natal Yoga.  They are also professional members of the Yoga Teacher’s Association.

To ensure that your tuition is safe, enjoyable and of high standards, our class sizes have been restricted to a maximum of 14 students. This enables teachers to monitor, adjust and assist our students to achieve their objectives for studying pre natal yoga with us. Our exciting Yoga courses are designed to nurture students from 12 weeks to birth.

“A mother needs to firstly love and nurture herself before she can love her child”

It is recommended that mothers start yoga after 12 weeks, once the hormonal symptoms have settled. The Asanas (Postures) practiced are very safe and we recommend practicing Yoga until full term to gain the maximum benefits.

The Benefits of our Pre-Natal Yoga

  • Increase oxygen flow to the baby
  • Limits excessive weight gain and tones your body
  • Prevents lower back, hip and pelvic pain
  • Strengthens the lumber and pelvic regions
  • Strengthens mind and body, reducing lethargy and Anxiety
  • Prepares you for a comfortable birthing… and motherhood.

Term 4  Pregnancy  Yoga Timetable

Monday 06:15pm Anna
Wednesday 11:15am Anna
 Wednesday 06:30pm Natalia
Thursday 06:30pm Aly
Saturday 09:15am & 10:30am Natalija